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Farm Credit Internship Teaches Valuable Lessons

It's back to school week on The AGgregator! Join us as we celebrate the 79 million students who are returning to the classroom this year. In this guest post, Southwest Georgia Farm Credit's summer interns reflect on their time spent at the Bainbridge office.

It seems like yesterday that the three of us met in the parking lot of Southwest Georgia Farm Credit. From the first moment we spoke, it was evident that there would be no reservations between us and we would quickly become more than co-workers. Time truly does fly when you’re having fun. From the very beginning there was nothing but warm welcomes and generous hospitality from all the employees, which continued throughout our entire journey. When we wrote our first blogs we posted them individually but we have bonded so much this summer that we chose to write this farewell blog as a collective effort.

Our journey started off in sales when we had the opportunity to drive down dirt roads with relationship manager, Duane Watson and visit local farmers to gain true insight into what farming is like. We gained knowledge about different types of agriculture during this time. Now it is easy to recognize the difference between peanuts and cotton along with the difference between sweet and field corn thanks to the ‘name that crop’ game.

Offsite trips were another valuable experience. About three weeks into our internship, we visited the AgFirst Farm Credit Bank in Columbia, S.C. which allowed us the opportunity to learn how Farm Credit receives funding. Towards the end of our internship we traveled to Washington, D.C. to better understand how government, the Farm Credit Administration, and the Farm Credit Council all play a vital role within the Farm Credit System.

We also greatly appreciated the opportunity to work on our food safety research project for executive leadership and the board of directors. Each one of us brought different skills and perspectives that complemented each other and played a significant role in completing our presentation. It’s amazing how three very different personalities can work so well together.

All in all this internship has been a great agricultural, business and professional work experience. Southwest Georgia Farm Credit clearly invested a lot of time into developing our internship program. We appreciate the time that we got to work for the association.

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